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Author Visits

Over the years I have visited a number of primary school and high schools in my local area, namely Logan, the Gold Coast, Brisbane and the Redlands. Next to actual writing, visiting schools is my favourite thing about being a children’s author! I talk to students about creative writing techniques, how to come up with story ideas, plus how to develop plots and create interesting characters. I explain what’s it like to be a children’s author, where my own ideas come from, and how a book is published.

There is nothing better than seeing kids get excited about books and writing! I always leave a school exhausted (teaching is hard work!) but elated. It’s incredibly fun.

Illustration Workshops

I’ve also run illustration workshops for high school students that teach students from Year 7 to Year 12 how to brainstorm character profiles and use them to interesting character designs, how to draw facial expressions, and how picture books are made from concept to publication. Students get to see lots of my work from concept sketches to final published illustrations and book covers, which helps them see just how much work is involved in even a single picture!


I love being invited out to schools! If you would like to arrange an author visit or illustration workshop, please make an enquiry using the form below. Travel fees may apply for visits outside of the Gold Coast, Logan, Brisbane and Redlands areas.

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