Series Pack Deal

Series Pack Deal


To celebrate the release of David and the Scavenger Prince, buy both books in the series for just $30.00. That's a straight-up saving of $7.90.

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Buy Books 1 & 2 of the World of Esmorde series for just $30.00. Save $7.90.

The journey kicks off with David and the Heart of Aurasius (Book 1), as David Flynn discovers a doorway to a magical world on his Grandma’s bushland property in South East Queensland. Finding himself trapped in a world of strange beasts, perilous curses and terrifying foes, he must overcome his self-doubt to save his friends and the world they inhabit.

The story continues in David and the Scavenger Prince (Book 2), where David befriends the enigmatic Crowen of Cole on his journey back to Hydrenia, the capital of Esmorde. Pursued by wraiths, wyverns and pirates, David unwittingly sets off a chain of events that may risk the future of Esmorde, his own world, and the universe itself …


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