The Brothers of Turoc PAPERBACK

The Brothers of Turoc PAPERBACK


“As we climb lower and lower down the hole it feels like the earth is swallowing me up. I know I will never be able to get out again, or see the sun. I think maybe it is a good thing I will be dead soon.”

~ Theo


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Deep under the desert, Aari and Theo are twelve-year-old slaves working in the diamond mines of the Great God King Allure. Aari is headstrong and brave; Theo is not. When Aari is caught questioning the King’s divinity, they are both sentenced to work in the Pits, the hellish bowels of the mines where no slave lives for long.

Aari knows their only chance of survival is to escape. He crafts a daring plan to flee the mines and rescue Theo from certain death, only to learn the world outside the mines is just as dangerous. Pursued by bounty hunters and in danger of enlistment by the fanatical rebel army Outrage, Aari leads Theo on a perilous journey to find his true family, the elusive Gypsies,  in the north.

The Brothers of Turoc is a thrilling adventure written in present tense between Aari and Theo. It is a story of war, hope and brotherhood, told with an innocence that is sometimes funny, sometimes devastating, and unfailingly honest.


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